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Opt In US Cell Phone List

Advantage Business - Opt In Cell Phone Database List
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36 million records
US Opt In Cell Phone Number List

Cell Phone Opt-In Lists
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Included Fields: first & last name, gender, ethnicity, homeowner, full address, cell phone number, provider, sms messaging code, opt-in information, latitude/longitude, and average household income & value

*some records will not include every field

To validate and document our Opt In permission based cell phone number list the Email-List traces and provides the opt-in website source and time stamps the date and time of when the consumer opted in.

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Did You Know?

• In 2011, payments worth US$240 billion were made by using cell phone and Smartphone devices

• Over 250+ million Americans keep cell phones, which is over 80% of its entire population

• As of February 2012, the Global Cell phone subscriptions have crossed the 6 billion mark

• The global cell phone advertising market is expected to cross $20 billion by the end of 2014

• Cell Phone text messaging has emerged as the most effective way of contacting customers with speed, relevance and effective response.

• Google alone generates over $2.5 billion annual revenue from cell phone advertising.

• eBay expects its customers to buy and sell merchandise worth $8 billion for the year 2012

• In 2011, over people exchanged over 8 trillion text messages worldwide

• Over 1.2 billion people are accessing web on their Smartphone and other handheld devices.

• Did you know that as many as 71 percent of the Smartphone users who come across TV commercial, or newspaper ad, make further search enquiry on their handset? The point is whether they find your mobile site or your competitors’

The Email-List is proud to release 2 versions of our cell phone number list. Details and pricing are below. Learn more about our SMS / Text Marketing software as a service.

Do I really need Cell Phone Marketing?

Yes, you really need to incorporate cell phone marketing into your business and advertising plan. Whether you are an online retailer, a shop, hotel or restaurant owner; or simply looking to let people know about your market presence; you will need cell phone marketing as an effective toll to communicate with your customers. It will let you make personal contact with them and inspire them to make a visit to your website right from their mobile and Smartphone devices. With bulk SMS marketing, you can connect with your customers in a matter of seconds. Owning a large chuck of Opt-in cell phone number list is like a license to print money. With cell phone marketing, you stay in touch with the end number of customers no matter where they are, living in your neighborhood, away on vacation, or traveling abroad; people never forget to carry their cell phones.

How does cell phone marketing work?

Cell phone marketing, by far, has surpassed all kinds of advertising and promotional activities with overwhelming return on investment and instant responses. In recent years, almost all major companies have started switching to cell phone marketing to promote their products, services and market presence. Building a strong and reliable cell phone number list is of utmost priority.

It not only helps you effectively communicate with a large consumer base, but is also cheaper and faster than the rest of the traditional marketing such as television, radio and print media. Recent statistics demonstrates that approximately 5.3 billion people currently have subscriptions for cell phones, and alone in Europe the total number of cell phones are about one third of the world’s population. The countries such as US and Japan have higher number of cell phone subscribers than the population.

These are the three steps on which cell phone marketing works:
Step 1: Use the existing cell phone number list to your marketing campaigns.
Step 2: Encourage them to become your subscribers
Step 3: Once they have subscribed, you are free to send text messages and marketing campaigns to your cell phone subscribers. Inform them about the services and products on which they spending money will worth. Give value to their money and it will build a trust on your information and updates.

An example can make the process simple

Step 1: If you have a restaurant and you want to instigate the cell phone marketing to let people know about your existence and interesting food items and recipes.

Create a text marketing message to add it to your menu, website, receipt, billboard, banner, flyer etc. It should be something like: “have special dinner in our restaurant and have a surprise coupons, or movie tickets”. In order to expand your reach, build a local Opt-in cell Phone Number List (take help from a trustworthy vendor) and send your promotional text messages.

Step 2: Initiate your prospects to become your subscriber (keep insisting on the benefits of becoming subscriber); once they subscribe, it is your duty to make them feel special and informed about the updates and special events.

Step 3: send at least two messages in a week, so that they feel updated with the ongoing offers, discounts, events and activities. Special messages that can help like “Welcome to Sunday night, cause a special gift coupon is waiting for you….. be the first to have the opportunity…only first 30 visitors will have the chance to have it ”

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