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Consumer Email List

ACCELERATE 5.0 US Consumer Opt-in Email List

170+ million US Consumer Opt-in Email List
Included Fields: by first last name, gender, date of birth, email address, ip, county, city, state, zip code, phone number, income per household and average house value.

To validate and document our Opt-in permission based email list, the Email-List.com traces and provides the opt-in website source and time stamp of the consumers.

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Applied customer email lists: A detailed consumer email list can minimize your advertising dollars, guide you to profitable prospects, and empower your business branding efforts. Cost effective advertising must produce a reasonable return value for each dollar spent. The primary goal should be to influence consumer behavior, reset their thought patterns toward a certain brand or product, and finally motivate them to make buying decision. Research pinpoints potential customers. Convincing sales and communication copy converts them into purchasers. The applied method of advertising determines the cost effectiveness of the transaction.

Email-list.com conducts research, identified consumers, compiles their information into a task specific, organizes them under various categories, and then hands them over to you at affordable prices. We know that product marketing through a consumer email list is a successful, low cost means of minimizing your advertising dollars. Sophisticated data accumulation, and turnaround technology now exceeds all previous methods. Our well maintained consumer email list could open a window into the minds and thoughts of over 170+ million potential buyers.

There is no denying the fact that traditional advertising works efficiently. Radio placements, television commercials, newspaper and magazine displays continue to reach, and draw new customers. But they also flash a hefty price tag. While less expensive but also effective, physical brochures, flyers, and letters enforce snail-mail response times and still require a consumer mailing list which will likely be a consumer email list by default.

However in today’s competitive environment, there are a very few SMBs capable of affording the cost outlay involved in the radio and television advertising. Even a small phone book ad seems to extract a steep expenditure just to cover a local area. Both small and large businesses need an effective and low cost advertising method. Without a sufficient return on investment, no one can afford to advertise on traditional media. On the other hand, businesses can’t survive without advertisement.

At Email-list.com, our consumer email list will provide an inexpensive solution to this seemingly overwhelming cost versus profit advertising issue. Our consumer email list is instantly downloadable, updated monthly, and available to fit in any budget. Included Fields: first name, last name, email address, gender, city, state, zip code, birth date, phone number, website opted in source, time stamped and verified, our consumer email list will compile precisely the data you need and in exactly the order you want it listed.

To achieve a solid return on the advertising dollar, a business must define a clear-cut sales approach that applies a well thought-out geographic setting to the order of business. You hope to extend the reach and frequency of your message. You want to contact a specific customer base. You project a necessary growth in new business, and at a particular dollar for dollar advertising exchange. So you track advertising spending and revenue. You pack together a database that compares budget to success. And in so doing, you establish your next line of customer pursuit.

Our consumer email list is specifically designed to help you focus on optimizing your communication efforts. Take a look at our detailed FAQ (http://www.email-list.com/Content/email-questions.aspx). See how our data is compiled and how often we update. View detailed information on how to import files into various mail merge programs. Witness the truth in our commitment to your satisfaction and success.

Applying a consumer email list requires some of the same components as used in contemporary telemarketing and direct mail plans. But there are vast differences in setup and application expenditures. Effective telemarketing requires a call center and operation personnel. Direct mailing includes printing costs, snail-mail expense, and an increase in labor staff. These are also repetitious and ongoing expenses, month after month, year after year.

Business promotion by method of a consumer email list does not require extensive materials, services, or packing kits. Yet market awareness created through a consumer email list is just as strong as that of created by any other direct mail approach. In a recession borne economy, when counting costs has never been more important, specific consumer email lists have become a major sales tool.

However, business is not merely about flooding the client base with promotion and sales literature; therefore, a consumer email list should not be used as a blind, touch-all device. Make sure that you work on building customer relationship. Lectures and preaching seldom build lasting customers. Our consumer email list is a starting point, something we have developed as a means of lessening your workload so that you can get up and rolling more quickly. Use our consumer email list services to help pinpoint potential customers, and then write copy that promotes conversation and long-term relationships.

In whatever small roll may be yours, make life easier for your clients. Focus on customer relations before, during, and after a specific consumer email list is compiled. Strive to creating loyal customers and brand promoters. Only a convinced client will trust you and your business methods. He will announce your credibility; even defend you should it somehow become necessary. Feedback always demands measurement and reaction. Never leave your company looking as though it is only money driven.

This said, note how important it is to use the appropriate email list. A business list will not supply the same customer base as will a consumer email list; nor is a purchaser email list equivalent to a consumer email list. This is why email-list.com has compiled so many specific email lists. Our data is compiled from trustworthy sources. You won’t pay for useless names. And the consumer email list is not padded with irrelevant purchaser email addresses.

If you are keen on optimizing your advertising efforts while decreasing the related costs, join our list of satisfied customers. Our customer service staff is standing by for your consumer email list queries.

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