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Business Email List

ACCELERATE 5.0 US Business Email List

90+ million businesses with email addresses

Included Fields: by email, SIC code, SIC code description, NAICS code, company name, contact name, title, address, city, state, zip, phone, fax, company website, revenue, employees

  • Updated monthly
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Microsoft Excel .csv format

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Business Email List: Business email list marketing is a highly cost-effective method of reaching business by specific industry with your product or service messages. For example if your product is specifically for the restaurant industry. Included Fields: by email, SIC code, SIC code description, NAICS code, company name, contact name, title, address, city, state, zip, phone, fax, company website, revenue, employees. Email-List.com IS NOT and DOES NOT offer a service with a fixed price for a fixed package of traffic/hits/page views. These types of programs usually promise "real users" or "targeted users," though most don't explain where the users come from, meaning that they most likely use illegitimate means to generate the hits. Responserates can vary depending on clients product and their marketing materials. Just like TV, Radio, Print and Pay Per Click campaign.

Email marketing allows you to reach appropriate contacts on your business email list with electronic materials including email ads, newsletters, promotional campaigns and fundraising appeals. Special email marketing software is designed to craft and send messages to your whole email list or to targeted groups on your list. Armed with such marketing lists, you can conduct advertising campaigns using your own office computer and internet connection.

Compared to the other forms of direct marketing such as direct mail, telemarketing, pay per click advertising and print advertising; the use of business email lists can be less expensive without sacrificing effectiveness. However, a successful business email marketing requires a highly-targeted list of prospects that are willing to receive email messages.

Email-list.com offers extensive business email lists with detailed and updated information available for each contact on the list including SIC code, company name, business contact person, street address, city, state, zip, business phone number, fax number and website address.

Business email lists are very difficult to build up on one’s own and the process can take years when undertaking such a daunting task. Most internet users will not tolerate unsolicited commercial email, and in most regions it is illegal to send any business messages without the recipient’s prior consent. Thus, business email lists are “opt-in” lists because the recipient has chosen, or opted in, to receive messages from the interested parties. Users will opt in to lists or directories that send information in which they have some interest in receiving, making it easy in most cases to find the right targets for your business.

Good business email lists contain as much information as possible about the potential recipients making it easier for the business sender to further hone down the right target group. For example, if you are advertising your storefront, then you will likely only want to target people within reasonable driving distance of your store location. Using business email list marketing software, you can extract business names by address, city, state or zip code making it simple to restrict the geographical location of your recipients.

Using the SIC code that accompanies each entry, one can target specific types of businesses and industries. So if you are marketing businesses that sell computers, you could search for businesses under SIC codes like 3571 (Electronic Computers) or 5045 (Computers and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software).

Another important factor for successful direct marketing is reaching out the right person in a business organization. Much time and energy can be wasted communicating with people who are unable to make buying decisions. With a good business email list, you will have the email address of the person in charge of handling business contacts.

The business email list is compiled from listings and directories that businesses have chosen for the inclusion of their contact and other related information. Contacts are gleaned from 5,200 Yellow Page and Business White Page directories, national, state, county and city governmental records, legal records, trade association directories, state licensing board records, business publications, SEC filings and many other sources of information. The business email list is updated monthly with more than 2 million undated entries. The updates are offered to clients at an additional cost and the normal practice is for clients to update lists once or twice a year. The mailing lists are created following strict guidelines for protecting consumer privacy and email-list.com requires its partners adopt similar practices in accordance with federal and state privacy laws.

The email-list.com database is formatted in standard Microsoft Excel .csv and .txt files. The data is easily imported directly into programs like MS Access, or converted into formats for other software systems. For example, the data can easily be formatted for internet-based MySQL applications.

With good business email lists, effective marketing involves drafting and sending attractive email or newsletter that informs customers about a product or service. The email list should be periodically scrubbed of bad email addresses or other incorrect information to avoid wasting bandwidth resources while sending mass communications.

The business email list allows you to reach, in a cost-effective way, large numbers of targeted potential clients. Email-list.com provides professionally-compiled lists designed to grow your business at an affordable cost.

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